Employee and Organizational Development

Using the latest knowledge in human resources, organizational behaviour, and organizational theory, I can help any organizations wishing to address employee or organizational development. Offering a wide range of services, I can help turn executives, employees, or organizations into high-performing ones. Please contact me if you are interested in coaching, workshops, or customized human resource offerings.

Coaching Workshops
Looking to develop into a high performance employee? No high performing athlete succeeds without a coach.  To reach the highest levels of performance, executives are searching for the edge. I can provide that edge. Organizational coaching is a fast growing and a highly effective way to improve your performance. With full transference of athletic coaching practices combined with the most recent business knowledge, using my Peak Approach to coaching, executives can reach new heights in mental and physical performance.

I can train supervisors to incorporate coaching into regular activities. Through the introduction of my Peak coaching framework and high-performance practices, these day-long workshops can help your staff become more adept with essential issues surrounding employee learning and development. A special form of coaching is required when the coach is also the employee’s manager. I can train these managers to balance both roles and productively coach employees to performance gains.

Team or Peer Coaching
High-performance teams or peer colleagues can also be a source of impactful coaching. Through the understanding of coaching best practices, teams or peers can use this one-day workshop to team-build and develop high-performance coaching expertise.

Improvisation Workshops
Based on lessons from organizational, athletic, and musical improvisation, I can provide leaders and groups innovative improvisation training. These half- or one-day workshops can help all employees be more innovative, lead improvisation, and spontaneously create when it matters most. Management teams may find this workshop especially useful if leadership of creativity is one of their essential roles.

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